Customer Service: Is It Being Done Right?

The other day I was reminded of what customer service is and what it isn’t.

So here is what happened: I went into Lowe’s do by one of those canopies. They’re 10 x 10 for the most part and only really designed for shade. I needed one for a trade show that I was doing at a golf course where I was a sponsor of a hole. I didn’t want to have to sit in the sun all day so thought buying a canopy would be a great idea…

Or so I thought.

As I was browsing the store I couldn’t find the canopies so I asked the first associate (as Lowe’s likes to call them) and see where they were. I was informed very professionally that they didn’t have any. Of course shocked that the HUGE store that Lowe’s is that they wouldn’t have such a thing so maybe the associate didn’t know what I was referring to, so I thought I’d explain.

Nope. No canopies.

Really!? None?

Okay. As hard as that is to believe it does sometimes happen as the store may run out or whatever. But that is not the story.

The story is that associate just ended the conversation right there. Done. Finito!

I walked out of Lowe’s right upset not because they didn’t have the canopy or because the associate was rude, but because I was not given any customer service. NONE.

So some of you may be asking why are you upset. He answered your questions, it is not his fault that the store didn’t have a canopy.

True. It is not the associate’s fault that Lowe’s didn’t have what I was looking for IN THE STORE. But neither did he even try to see if another store may have it, or to see if it was online, or even (and some of you may gasp at this) to see if maybe Menard’s or Home Depot may have them. He did NOTHING. He just ended the conservation like I didn’t matter.

And that was why I upset.

The Art of Customer Service

Customer Service isn’t about just answering questions or pointing out where the merchandise maybe. It’s about taking care of the customer. It’s putting them FIRST and making sure that not only are their question answered but that they are satisfied. Customer service is giving superior service in abundance, more than what the customer may pay for or want.

In my business, I hope that my guys are servicing the hell out our customers. I know most of them do a great job, and the ones that don’t we get rid of…quickly.

Here’s a cool little experiment for you all to do:

  1. Think of a time that you had great customer service
  2. Remember what they did exactly and how it made you feel.
  3. Figure out how you and your employees can do the same in your business.

Now do this:

  1. Think of time where you had horrible customer service.
  2. Remember what the person did exactly and how it made you feel.
  3. Figure out how to NEVER do that.

Before I hire anyone and during their job interview I ask everyone those three same questions. If they can’t do the exercise then I don’t hire them especially if they can’t figure out how to never give horrible customer service.

Businesses that master the art of customer service do the best.

The Customer is always right

You know it was all that long ago where there was a saying that businesses used to follow. It was “the customer is always right.”

Now the older of you may remember this motto. Some may even have lived by it earlier. Most everyone else will think that is old fashioned and no longer applicable in this age. Well maybe not. But the sentiment behind is ALWAYS valid.

In the old days when this was the motto businesses went out of their way to ensure that the customer was given every accord that they profitably give even if it meant giving the item for free. And is where this sentiment broke down.

You see great customer service doesn’t mean give away free stuff (although sometimes that is appropriate .) It means doing more than was expected for the customer to be happy.

I hear the new buzz word of “brand loyalty” blah blah blah.

How banal. That is a self centered idea and quite honestly comes from a greedy and small mind.

What you should be doing is being loyal to the customer. Build up that loyalty FIRST then the brand loyalty will follow. Get rid of the personal pronouns in your words except for “you”, “them” and so on. Just scratch out the “I” and “me.”

The Four Conditions of Customer Service

So you want to see the big bucks then you need to learn of these four conditions of customer service (or you can call them the 4 Conditions of Exchange. Whatever makes you feel better):

  1. No service – pretty self explanatory. This is where is there is no service. This is what I got when I went to Lowe’s the other day
  2. Poor Service – again, self explanatory (at least I hope so.)
  3. Fair service – this is where most businesses operate. customer comes in buys an item and leaves. Gets exactly what they wanted and nothing more. The
  4. Service in abundance – This is where the business owner or associates give more than was expected. It is not free service but more service than was expected. It can mean giving something for free but for the most part is service MORE than was expected.

I would say ( and this is my opinion) that 80% of businesses, both large and small, only give fair service. 10% give poor service (businesses like Comcast, etc). 8% give no service (I know that what you are saying right but Yes businesses can give “no service”.) and only 2% will give service in abundance.

And if you have no idea where you fall in the above scale simply do the the exercise that I detailed above and you will quickly discover where you fall on the service scale.


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Skyrocket Your Moving Business Through Networking

I have known about referral marketing for quite a while now but have never really done much about it.

I once referred a good friend of mine that started up his own website company to join the referral group call Business Network International (aka BNI) which he did, and because he followed my advice he was able to build his business very quickly and become successful within a year of launching his biz.

But I never got involved.

A few years back I joined the Chamber of Commerce and went to a couple of meet ups that they hold each month, but I never really got anything from it. And I know why. And I’ll explain what my mistake was a little bit further in this post.

I let that membership run out.

Now, here in 2015, I am finding that other than the few people that find my business due to my advertising efforts with SEO marketing, Yellowpages, Craigslist ads and the like most people have no clue that my company even exists. And this is costing me business.

And it probably is costing you a lot of business too.

The solution is to get your name out there, mingle with other business leaders and owners so that they can help you with that. And how this is done is by joining referral networks like BNI or Caerusnet, or even local Chambers of Commerce. Join charities on non-profit organizations and volunteer for things that align with your passion.

Sponsor sports teams and holes at golf tournaments.

This can seem very daunting. And it can be very intimidating especially if you are not a “people person”, which is a notion that I find completely ridiculous if your a business leader or owner. My general manager is one of these “non-people people” and hates to go to network meetings and functions. Why? Because he feels uncomfortable. Meeting new people can be a challenge if you have personal esteem issues but to be in business and in a position of leadership you need to get over those issues with a quickness.

The reason I failed was not because I wasn’t a people person; I am. I love to mingle with people and get to know them. My problem was that I didn’t know how to build relationships with other businesses. I didn’t know how to use these network groups and functions so that they could work for me.

But here is the rub. There is this new company called Amazon. They sell a tremendous amounts of books and products, and some of those books that they sell are on the subject of Networking. Isn’t that amazing! There is also this organization that has been around for hundreds of years that actually lend you books for free to read; they are called Libraries.

Another great way to learn to build relationships within these network groups is by building relationships in those networking groups.

Here is a simple method you can use to build up friendship and relationships:

  1. Go up to someone and introduce yourself.
  2. Ask them who and what they do
  3. Be interested in the things they say.
  4. Find points of common interest like sports, movies, hobbies etc
  5. When you see them again, go and talk with them.

See how easy that was?

So, as you can see, going and being a part of one of these network groups can be very beneficial to building and establishing your business in the community.

Do this often, and eventually when some one needs your business the first person that they will think of is YOU!

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Tips on Marketing Your Business

Keys to success when working with online moving leads

Excellence Center is committed to providing the highest quality moving leads for our clients. To achieve this goal, we has compiled a list of suggestions and ideas from clients who have had great success working with our leads:

  • One of the reasons people use the Internet is the speed of access to information — therefore, the response time to contact a lead is critical. Research shows that most consumers expect a response within 24 hours
  • Get the customer on the phone! Normally 3-5 contact attempts in the first 48 hours are necessary to contact the customer to set up an appointment and/or generate interest.
  • Immediately respond to the Internet lead with an introductory email with information on your company and anticipated contact. Try an automated response letter each time a lead is generated to touch base right away
  • Point out the value of your company’s services. Educate your potential customer on moving service pitfalls and why these pitfalls do not exist with your company.
  • Deliver on what you promised and get referrals and/or testimonials. Testimonials are very effective. Keep copies of letters from satisfied customers handy to provide to consumers. A mover is only as good as his reputation. Videos are best however. So provide videos on your site, or and prominent link to you video site like YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Know your competition. Be able to answer the question – what makes you different from them? However, remember that consumers are cautious of companies that knock their competition. Be careful about criticizing other moving firms in an attempt to make yourself look better.
  • Be able to make the customer understand the 3 most important reasons to do business with you – Price, Value and Service. Many times it is difficult to achieve all 3 – it is important to have the customer feel they are getting the best Value and Service for the Price they are being charged.
  • Be aware of common consumer concerns – Are you licensed? Are you insured? Do you have complaints on file with the BBB? Are you a member of the AMSA or other local State Moving Association? Consumers may or may not ask these questions directly. Be sure to address these questions to remove the concern.

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The One Emotion You Have To Get Rid Of If You Want To Start A Moving Business

My general manager Scott tells me over and over that he wishes that he would have taken advantage of starting and running his own business. It is one of his biggest regrets. He is over 50 years old and says to himself that “he wishes” a lot. Yet, there is nothing holding him back then or even now from opening a moving company.

moving businessSo what is really holding him back?


Fear is holding him back. Fear of failing. Fear of not knowing enough. Fear that he will end up broke (of course he has had a lifetime of being broke and living paycheck to paycheck.)

That is the only thing holding Scott back from running his own business. The fear of taking a risk because he may fail, or go broke, or or or. But the funny thing is, he is all that right now. So why NOT take the risk? He could only end up in the place that is right now anyway so he would have lost nothing, but he would gain so much more.

And that is what is holding you back and what is holding everyone back from having a successful moving business. And not just a moving business but any company.

Don’t let fear control you. Don’t let it own you or stop. Be bold, like a lion and roar and conquer.

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Taking Care Of Movers Damages

What to Do if Your Moving Company Damages Something

Moving can be a hassle on its own, but finding out that some of your belongings have been damaged is the last thing you want to hear. As the owner of the property, you’re entitled to reimbursement from the moving company. Here is what you need to know:

Review Contract

Before you sign the contract, review the fine-print details to make sure there isn’t a clause releasing the company from moving damages liability.

Inform the Movers

As soon as you spot damaged property, inform the movers. If they confirm an item has been broken, it will help expedite the claim process.

Document the Scene

Once you see that something is damaged, take photos. You want to have proof that your items have visual wear. It also helps if you have a time-stamped photo of your property before the move.

Call the Company

You need to call the moving company to file a claim. With some businesses you have up to nine months to do so, but it’s best to do things right away. You can also speak with the movers directly so they can give you insight into the process. Reputable dealers have insurance policies in place for instances such as these. Someone should contact you to file the necessary paperwork that will lead to reimbursement.

Filing a Complaint

If the moving company isn’t following proper procedure, you can contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint. You should receive a response within two weeks.

Available for Inspection

It is likely that an agent from the moving company will want to inspect the item to ensure the damage is in line with your report. So you want to make it available to that individual, and this means not setting up the piece of furniture, in some cases.

Contact the American Moving and Storage Organization

This organization has an arbitration program that can handle the case between you and the moving company. The company is required to attend the hearing but it isn’t mandatory for you. As long as your loss is less than $10,000 the company must accept your request for an arbitration hearing.

Write a Review

You can be a help to the community and write a review about the moving company. Let others know of your experience so they can be informed before they choose movers.

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Why Sending Out Postcards Will Boom Your Moving Business

Sending out postcards is still an effective marketing strategy.

I was reluctant to use more traditional marketing tools such as postcards because I thought they were outdated and ineffective, but it was suggested by a fellow mover that postcards were useful in his own marketing campaigns.

I tried using them and failed miserably as I got a lot of returned postcards as undeliverable and it cost a lot of money.

But as luck would have it, I got a postcards in the mail about a company that sells leads to moving companies but his tool was postcards.

So I gave it a go, found out it was much cheaper using this company and they had a far better list than what I was using doing it on my own.

I set up a budget and started my campaign. And it resulted in leads and ultimately sales very quickly. And these moves that I booked because of the postcards were high paying moving jobs that more than paid for the postcard service.

So I became a believer.

Now I send out postcards every week. And I love it. I get calls constantly and book a lot of jobs because of this.

Now I am moving into the next phase which is to print my own postcards and send them out on my own.

Fortunately for me I have a friend from my Bible study group that is a professional printer and he has agreed to print all the postcards I need for FREE.

This cuts my cost down considerably which gives me more money to send double the amount of postcards which will increase my ROI.

And my total investment of the postcards themselves is $50 for the design that I got through

Here is the postcards that I had designed and sending out. Tell me what you think:

postcardlansing moving company postcard

As you can see they are professional and communicate exactly what I want. Now to test them to see if they will produce better or worse then what I am already sending out.

This is why I love postcards.

Try them, I think you’ll like them too.


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Cheap Marketing Using


Look I get it.

You’re broke. You don’t have a lot of spare cash lying around to use on marketing.  Many have no idea what marketing is let alone how to spell it. But marketing is essential to get your name out in the world so people can call you.

Every time you place a Yellowpages ad or make a business card and pass it out, you are in effect marketing. But for most, this is as far as it gets.

But you need to know that marketing is a lot more than a nice Yellowpages ad or business card.

It’s also your website. Your t-shirts (if you have them). It’s the sign on side of your car. Hell, it is even how you act to others online and face to face. All of this is marketing. But this simple article is not about that type of marketing this is about using you better your image and create a brand.

You can go to and have so many things done for as little as $5 bux. Hence the name “fiverr”.

  • You need a logo for your business. Go to
  • Need a postcard designed. Go to
  • Want a commercial for your business? Go to
  • Wonder how to get your website listed in the Google A to G listings for your city? Go to
  • Want you website promoted and distributed? Go to

You can see a little bit of what they do here in their new TV commercial that they produced.

To me it has been a great tool and resource to get my business looking professional and reputable. If I were you I’d use it.


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Lansing Moving Company Service Area

Professional Local And Long Distance Moving

If you are moving in Lansing, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Jackson, Ann Arbor or Flint Michigan areas or any points in between, then you need to be sure to call U-Save Moving and Storage!

U-Save Moving and Storage are Mid-Michigan Movers that can do it all for cheaper than the other guys:

We also service the greater Lansing area like Grand Ledge, Diamondale, Eaton Rapids, Charlotte, Potterville, Dewitt, St. Johns, East Lansing, Haslett, Okemos, Holt, Portland, Ionia, Mason, Bath and all points in between.

So remember U-Save Moving and Storage when you are looking for the top budget movers in Lansing, MI

lansing movers

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Starting Small Is Okay

Starting your moving business small is not only okay, I believe that is how it should be done. You should know everything about the business from the ground up.

If your really good at the moving part of the business but not the marketing then you should be getting your hands dirty and learning everything that you can about the business and how to market it. In fact that is all you should be concentrating on, because without customers then you have no business.

But start off small.

Learn how to market on Craigslist first. Learn how to write a compelling headline that attracts customers. Learn how to write the ad copy so that it gets those attracted customers to either call you directly or go to your website.

Once you have that down then go on to the next level which is creating the website. Don’t let some college drop out wanna be design and copy write your website for you. He doesn’t know a damn thing about the business. You should however. You should know from your customers what freaks them out, what their concerns are and most importantly what gets them to call you.

Start off small.

If you just jump right into this and have someone do this for you it will not work. Unless of course you have a lot of money that you can just throw at it until it takes off. Most of us don’t or didn’t have this option.

Look when I first started my business I boot strapped everything. I am still do. But I have learned so much over the years that I could impart to you that would literally cut your learning curve down to mere weeks or days. I started small.

Now I am considered one of the top Grand Rapids movers. Definitely the best Lansing moving company.

Start small; learn the business, then kill it once you have got a grasp of everything.

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How to Turn Your Small Moving Business Into A Monster!

Growing your Moving Business!

Growing you moving business should be your #1 goal. If its not then don’t even get into this industry because you just end up giving all of us legitimate movers a bad name. And if you do that I will make fun of you publicly.

When I started my moving business back in 2008 I had no moving experience at all. I started my company literally with nothing. All I had was a pay as you go phone that I put $20 dollars on the account at a time because that was all I could afford, and I had my FORD Explorer SUV. That’s it.

I had maybe 3 weeks of experience working for another “moving company” ( and I use the term loosely…as the loser still owes me $400…of course he is out of business now and I am still rocking.)

The one thing that I did know was marketing. I had been doing PR and marketing for the last 20 or so years and I knew how to get my name out there. So I use that knowledge and I placed my first Craigslist moving ad…

Not 10 minutes later I had my first moving job. I had to scramble to get someone to help me but I did get someone. From then on I was a Lansing moving company and I worked hard growing my business.

The first 3 years were hard and money was tight but I was gaining market share.

Now, I am the first company someone sees when they go to Google for my city. I am sending out 100’s of postcards a month. I have a website that gets about 100 people daily coming to it. I have a Yellowpages ad that keeps the phones ringing and I have smaller moving companies wondering how I did and asking me to mentor them, which I am happy to do.

So concentrate on growing your moving company.

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The Easiest Way to Start a Moving Company

The Cheapest and Easiest way to start a moving business.

If you are just starting out and don’t have any money or very little then you can still start a moving business that is very lucrative.

There are three really good places to put your info out there that will direct moving jobs to you. Of course these are labor only jobs but they will pay well but not great.

However, with the info that I will be providing here you should be able to get up to speed very quickly.

Here are the places to put your info out there so that you can get jobs: Moving helper is a U-Haul company. Basically you just sign up with them and then wait for the jobs to start coming in. Of course you will have to undercut your prices a little at first but once you have built a reputation then you can be rolling in the bux. And its free to sign up with. Very much like is free to sign up with. All you have to do sign up, enter in your info and wait for the jobs to start coming in. Unlike movinghelper is not part of any other companies so you may have to promote your services with them a little bit more. Another great third party place to sign up for and have jobs just given to you. They too are not part of any national brand moving company so you’ll have to promote this a little more than you would with

Finally there is one place where you can advertise for free and get your phone ringing off the hook if you know how to write a compelling ad. And that forum is Craigslist. Just don’t make the mistake of making your moving business look like a typical Craigslist moving scam company. Of course I will be showing you how to write a great craigslist ad that makes you look very professional and will get people to trust you and call you.

Lastly, the people that you are moving with these services are looking for bargains. They are not the big bux customers so how much you charge is a real big deciding factor. My suggestion is to make you prices as low as possible until you bid up a clientele and a good reputation. Also having a website is the best form of advertising you can get and you can have one for free. Later I’ll be showing you how you can get a website that converts for very little money.

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